Sheiphali Gandhi, MD

Postdoctoral Scholar and Clinical Fellow

Sheiphali Gandhi, MD, is a pulmonologist specializing in occupational and environmental respiratory disease. She graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine in 2012. She went to the University of Minnesota for her internal medicine residency and global health chief residency during which she received her Certificate in Tropical Medicine through the Center of Disease Control and American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. She completed her fellowships in Pulmonary and Critical Medicine at Northwestern University and Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. During this time, she specialized in occupational pulmonology namely pneumoconioses with projects in coal mine and silica dust respiratory disease surveillance. 

As a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF, Dr. Gandhi plans to investigate the environmental and occupational risk factors for mesothelioma in the collaboration through a case-control study in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health and the California Cancer Registry. Additionally, she will conduct a feasibility study of the creation of a rapid case ascertainment and patient contact study utilizing natural language processing techniques using electronic pathology records. 


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