Cannabis and Health Outcomes


  1. Salomeh Keyhani, MD
  2. Amy Byers, PhD, MPH
  3. Beth Cohen, MD, MA
Research Fields: 

Despite the increasing availability and use of cannabis, many questions remain about its potential risks and benefits. We are conducting several studies by leveraging “big data” to efficiently recruit several prospective cohorts to examine the impact of cannabis use on health. Using text processing methods, we have identified cannabis users and non-users and have recruited a national cohort of Veterans Affairs patients with existing heart disease that we will follow over time to determine how cannabis use effects medication adherence, blood pressure control and cardiovascular events. Using similar methods, we are launching a study of older patients to evaluate the impact of cannabis use on hospitalization, falls and injury among older adults. Finally, we are recruiting patients with varying levels of exposure to tobacco and cannabis for detailed lung function studies. These studies will provide information for consumers, healthcare providers, and policy makers as they make choices about marijuana use, recommendations, and laws.