Measuring Combined Tobacco, E-Cigarette, and Marijuana Use


  1. Dorie Apollonio, PhD, MPP
  2. Danielle Ramo-Larios, PhD
Research Fields: 

As companies promote new smoking devices that can easily be used for both tobacco and marijuana (e.g., electronic cigarettes [“e-cigarettes”], vaporizers), youth and young adults may be more prone to using both drugs. Unfortunately, adequately powered epidemiological studies with national and state-level datasets fail to include assessments of simultaneous use.  This makes it difficult to gauge the changing prevalence and risks of dual use to the public health of Californians.  Policymakers need such information when deliberating major policy changes, including the regulation of e-cigarettes and the legalization of recreational marijuana use, passed by ballot initiative in 2016. Our long-term goal is to provide knowledge needed to develop evidence-informed policy for e-cigarettes and marijuana, especially as it relates to youth and young adults.