Pharmacology of co-administration of cannabis and tobacco


  1. Gideon St Helen, PhD
Research Fields: 
Tobacco Effects

While co-administration of cannabis and tobacco is becoming increasingly common, the pharmacology of various modalities of co-administration is understudied. Thus, we are expanding our broad interests and expertise in nicotine pharmacology and tobacco product safety/risks to address questions related to Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) pharmacology and interaction with nicotine from various modalities of cannabis and tobacco co-administration.  In particular, we are examining THC pharmacology and safety of cannabis vaping, including the pharmacology and safety of co-administration of nicotine and THC. In this project, we are enrolling 14 experienced cannabis and tobacco smokers in a 3-arm crossover study (i.e. within-subject study). During each arm, which constitutes a single session of 3 controlled puffs, participants use cannabis, tobacco from a cigarette or a combination of cannabis and tobacco in a PAX herbal vaporizer. The specific aims of the study are to:

  1. To characterize THC delivery, systemic exposure, and effects from vaping THC-containing cannabis leaf alone or cigarette tobacco alone, or the combination of cannabis and tobacco.
  2. To assess sympathetic nervous system (SNS) stimulating and subjective SNS-related effects of cannabis alone, tobacco alone or a combination of cannabis and tobacco.