Using Digital Tools to Understand Contexts and Consequences of High-THC Cannabis Use


  1. Meredith Meacham, PhD, MPH
Research Fields: 

Use of emerging cannabis products with a range of THC content may result in too much unintended THC intake and potentially adverse effects. At the same time, products like concentrates and edibles do not typically involve combustion and inhalation of related byproducts (as smoked cannabis does) and so may be perceived as safer. This mixed methods project seeks to understand emerging patterns of use and effects of different levels of THC and CBD content as well as various forms of use (smoking, vaping, dabbing, edibles), by examining digital information exchange about cannabis in online forums and through in-depth interviews and online surveys with people who use cannabis. This project will inform cannabis use measurement practices and provide pilot data to develop and test a digital health resource for minimizing adverse effects associated with high-THC cannabis use.