Using Technology to Help Low-Income and Latino Smokers Quit


  1. Ricardo Munoz, PhD
Research Fields: 
Addiction and Cessation

We invite Spanish- and English-speaking adult smokers who want to quit to join our study at: (English) or (Spanish).  Smokers can use this free site via smartphones, tablets, or computers to download a stop smoking guide or use it online to help them quit smoking.

With support from TRDRP, in 1998 our research group, based at the University of California, San Francisco, began work on the San Francisco Stop Smoking website. We have now had over 347,000 visitors to the site from over 200 countries and territories and 52,268 consented participants in several online smoking cessation trials.  Our published quit rates (using the missing = smoking convention, in which participants with missing data are assumed to be smoking) approach those reported by the nicotine patch or smoking cessation groups. However, users from lower-income countries and those with lower social status quit at lower rates than those from high-income countries and those with higher social status. We therefore have launched this project designed to test whether a digital intervention designed with systematic input from low-income English- and Spanish-speaking smokers from a public sector health care system can significantly improve its acceptability, utilization, and effectiveness.