RJR spending big money to overturn SF flavor/menthol ordinance

July 25, 2017

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids has been keeping an eye on the campaign expenditures for the “local concerned citizens” that are working to force a referendum on the menthol/flavor ban.  Here are the numbers as of July 15, 2017 (campaign filing on July 20):

  • RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company has spent $723,769 in support of the Let’s Be Real referendum to undo the SF flavor ordinance.  That includes $600,000 in loans and $123,769 in in-kind support (polling, data support, consulting/expenses, and employee time).


  • The campaign has paid $150,000 to Goco Consulting in Sacramento (petition circulating) and $2,000 to Rojas Communication Group in Tarzana for campaign consulting.


  • The campaign has an outstanding bill of $10,927.12 owed to the Monaco Group in Santa Ana for campaign literature and mailings.


  • Cash on hand is $448,000.

This investment shows that there is going to be a major effort to roll back the law.  This is the best evidence that advocates should keep pushing replications of the law everywhere. 

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