June 19, 2018

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

San Francisco tobacco product flavor ban: It’s not over yet

Despite the overwhelming support to uphold San Francisco’s ban on selling flavored tobacco products, with 68.4% of voters supporting the law despite a $12 million campaign to overturn it by RJ Reynolds (part of British American Tobacco), health advocates should not relax yet.

RJR may, of course, also sue, but suits against similar laws have failed elsewhere and the San Francisco City Attorney took care to learn from these earlier legal challenges to write a well-crafted law that is designed to withstand legal attack.

More important, based on experience implementing clean indoor air laws, I would not be surprised if RJR (and perhaps other tobacco interests) engages in a campaign to undermine the law by encouraging merchants not to comply, publicizing non-compliance, then working to get the law ignored or repealed.

It is, therefore, that the San Francisco Health Department and health advocates take an active role in educating merchants and consumers (something, ironically, that the political campaign for Prop E contributed to) and be ready to take formal enforcement actions against non-compliant businesses after a reasonable warning period.

Being proactive in implementation will ensure success which, after a while, will become routine.  Anything less leaves the door open to ongoing problems.

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