April 5, 2020

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

UCSF adds smoking and vaping nicotine and cannabis to COVID-19 triage protocol

UCSF has added smoking and vaping nicotine and cannabis to its screening and triage protocol for COVID-19 to help assess risks.

The question in the protocol is:

18. Do you currently smoke or vape?

a. (Yes) Which of the following do you regularly do? (select all that apply)

i. Smoke cigarettes

ii. Vape nicotine (e-cigarettes)

iii. Smoke marijuana

iv. Vape marijuana


People who use any of these products are put into a higher risk category.  The full triage protocol is here.

Not only will this addition lead to better screening of potential patients, but it will provide important information for assessing specific risks when coupled with outcome data later on.

As noted on the triage protocol, it is available for non-commercial use.


You can read my blog on smoking, vaping and COVID here.  I update it periodically.



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