October 12, 2017

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Wellcome Foundation refused to let PMI and Yach's Foundation for a Smoke-Free World hijack Wellcome's good name

Press release / Published: 10 October 2017

Wellcome statement on the cancelled corporate event booking for the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.
On 5 October 2017 Wellcome Trust took immediate steps to terminate a commercial hire contract for an event scheduled to take place in a Wellcome venue in late October.
At the time of booking, it was not made clear to Wellcome Trust Trading Ltd, or its parent Wellcome Trust Ltd, that the event was for a meeting of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, which is an organisation funded by a tobacco company.
We would not have accepted the booking had we known who it was for. A breach of contract occurred when Wellcome was named on the invitation without Wellcome’s permission. The hire contract was cancelled and the event organisers were informed.
Wellcome’s policy does not allow organisations to host events whose purposes conflict with our mission to improve health. We do not fund the activities of tobacco companies, or invest in tobacco companies.
We have no association with the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.
The release is at https://wellcome.ac.uk/press-release/wellcome-statement-corporate-event-hire-cancellation

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