August 22, 2019

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Ken Warner, David Abrams, Ray Niaura, Neil McKeganey, Michael Siegel publicly endorse Juul initiative

This statement will appear in the voter guide delivered to every San Francisco voter this fall.

They don’t seem to understand that all SF’s ordinance says is that for e-cigs to be sold in SF, they need to get a premarket order from FDA, something Juul and the other e-cig companies could have done 3 years ago.

They also seem happy to see the flavor ban repealed and Juul writing San Francisco’s public health laws.

Will they be making public appearances for Juul, too?



Whatever their views, people from reputable institutions seem to be in strange company. The “Centre for Substance Abuse Research” has a record of funding from Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, JUUL, Fontem (Imperial Brands), NJOY and FOREST.

And McKeganey also the subject of interesting comment in a UK High Court judgement on plain packaging issues:
“What I find unacceptable is the preparation of a report which by its total refusal to engage with any of this contramaterial simply conveys the impression that it does not exist and that the best way to refute it is to ignore it………… One is left in the case of Professor McKeganey with an expert report that is prima facie inadmissible because it fails to adhere to domestic civil procedure rules but that, even when fully considered, appears slanted and partial….”.

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