May 19, 2012

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Thousands of previously secret tobacco industry documents reveal links between Big Tobacco and No on 29 endorsers

The tobacco companies are working assiduously to make it look like there is a genuine grassroots opposition to California Proposition 29.  We have over 802 million pages of previously secret tobacco industry documents in the UCSF Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.  My colleague Kate Swartz did quick searches on many of the organizations whose names appear on No on 29 materials.  While we did not have time to screen all these documents but it is clear that there are thousands of documents linking these groups (often financially) to Big Tobacco.   They are hardly independent voices.

By the way, just because we did not find documents for some of the organizations does not mean that there are no financial or other ties.  The most recent of the industry documents are several years old.  In addition, we only searched on the organization names without doing more sophisticated digging.

Click on the links to peruse the documents and see what you think.

Stars indicate appearance of organization in Prop 29 Mailers (mailer specified)






got $500K from Philip Morris, according to:


It is interesting that the tobacco companies are so invested in stopping Governor Brown's effort to raise taxes on the wealthy and sales taxes on everyone, since none of these items are tobacco taxes.
Maybe they are worried that if Brown breaks the "no taxes no way" barrier, he will want more tobacco tax increases.
Also, maybe it will make him decide to give back the $26,000 contribution Philip Morris gave him a few weeks ago, too.


It would be nice if the State and National Democratic Parties kicked in a million for YES on 29 to match their Republican counterparts. Also why Doesn't Sen. Feinstein cut a commercial supporting Prop. 29? She is the most revered figure in modern Calif. politics. She has integrity and people think she is a strong leader. What a waste that she won't put that good will to work for a noble cause -Kurt


There have been press reports that tobacco companies have been giving "donations" to  the Republicans so they could turn around and support the No campaign. 


It's no secret that those "contributing" would like "special consideration" but there are no guarantees. That's why these giant corporations contribute to almost everyone. What the hell. It can't hurt, and if we contribute to everyone we may hit a winner or two. Don't think that just because Philip Morris doesn't get their way thios time that they will pass on trying to buy more influence in the future. If only thhktqtat were true.


With big money at stake for cancer research by lightening the "deep pockets" at Phillip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, whose strategic teams are working overtime to prevent Prop. 29 from passing, it's time for Senator Feinstein to earn her paycheck as well.  Step up, Feinstein, inform the public of the beneficial facts contained in Prop. 29 and why these big tobacco companies are spending over $40 million to defeat it!

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