August 19, 2012

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Updated attributable risk for smoking due to movies: 37%

Jim Sargent and colleagues recently published a new study providing a long-term followup of an earlier study (published in 2005) that yielded an attributable risk for smoking initiation due to the movies of 26%.  Adding in this 2012 Sargent study to the four earlier studies that we used to estimate that the attributable risk for smoking initiation due to the movies was 44% lowers the pooled estimate to 37% with a 95% confidence interval extending from 25% to 52%.  (Our earlier estimate, published in Thorax, was 44% with a confidence interval from 34% to 58%.) 

From a statistical point of view, these two estimates are indistinguishable, but the 37% value is the more reliable one since it is based on more information than  the earlier estimate.

More details are available here.



Can you release the names of the 2019 movies? I have grandchildren and we watch rented movies together, and I'd like to be able to select appropriate material.


You can search the whole movie database here.  For example, here is a list of the 2019 movies with smoking.

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