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More evidence that e-cigarettes pollute the air and expose bystanders

Jan Czogala and colleagues just published “Secondhand exposure to vapors from electronic cigarettes” in Nicotine and Tobacco Research in which they measured the air pollution produced by e-cigarettes using both smoking machines and, more important, actual use by people in the same room.
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Delegates at 107th NAACP national convention adopt resolution supporting local and state efforts to regulate menthol cigarettes

This is a very important development, given all the money that Big Tobacco has thrown at African American leadership and media over the years.
I am particularly proud of the role that UCSF's Valerie Yerger (right) and Carol McGruder (left) have played in this effort.
Once less excuse that the Obama Administration has for blocking FDA action on menthol, too.
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Hollywood Secret No. 1: Latest Smokefreemovies ad exposes history of smoking on screen

Our latest Smoke Free Movies, which runs in Variety and Hollywood Reporter this week, ad traces the relationship between Big Tobacco and Hollywood since the 1920's.  Check out the ad and the details of the history at

Comments on the e-cig model published by Levy et al: Results heavily depend on assuming very low risk

One of the things that make the discussion of e-cigarettes complicated is that no one knows precisely how the market will develop, how the advent of e-cigarettes will interact with cigarette use, and how dangerous e-cigarettes turn out to be.
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Plaintiffs submit response to MPAA, studios, and NATO's Motion to Dismiss class action lawsuit over fraudulent ratings

Today the plaintiffs responded to the motion to dismiss in the national class lawsuit filed against the MPAA, the studios that control it, and the National Association of Theater Owners for fraud on the grounds that they certify films with smoking as "appropriate for children" despite knowing that smoking in movies causes kids to smoke. 
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Tobacco companies only reported about half their product placement in movies to FTC

Jonathan Polansky and I just published “Tobacco product placement and its reporting to the Federal Trade Commission” through the University of California eScholarship initiative. This report compares the product placement activities by the cigarette companies between 1978 and 1994 that are discussed in the companies’ internal correspondence with what they reported to the US Federal Trade Commission. We found that only about half the activities were reported. Read more »

CDC shows that involuntary secondhand smoke exposure is high in multiunit housing; when will Obama issue rule protecting them?

Today the CDC published a very well done study showing that 81% of residents in multiunit housing have already made their units smokefree.  Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is still sitting on a rule that would make HUD subsidized multiunit housing smokefree.  (As it has done with FDA rules on tobacco, the Administration’s cost-benefit analysis also vastly Read more »

Kids are not just substituting e-cigs for cigs; e-cigs are expanding the tobacco epidemic

Jessica Barrington-Trimis and her colleagues have published two important papers in Pediatrics on the link between e-cigarette and cigarette use, both based on a large longitudinal sample of Southern California youth who have been followed for many years.
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Accumulating evidence suggests e-cigs 1/3 to 1/2 as bad as cigs (maybe higher)

While e-cigarettes deliver fewer cancer-causing chemicals than conventional cigarettes, the evidence that e-cigarettes substantially increase heart and lung disease keeps piling up. Read more »

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