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Behind the Scenes on How Big Tobacco Works to Block Federal Rules on E-Cigarettes

The New York Times has an excellent article about the tobacco industry’s efforts to block the FDA’s tepid efforts to regulate e-cigarettes shows that the pro-e-cigarette effort is now dominated by big tobacco companies.  The cigarette companies clearly see e-cigarettes as part of their integrated business model, not as a competing technology that will drive them out of the highly profitable cigarette business. 
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The pitch: Movie offers product placement for e-cigs

A tobacco control advocate passed along this email, dated 30 August 2016:
Subject: Opportunities for e-cigarette companies in TV and film [MARKETING]
We are representing a Hollywood feature film which offers really great featured product placement for an electronic cigarette partner. If you aren’t the primary point we should be speaking with, I’d greatly appreciate your updating me to who is the relevant individual. Read more »

After 7 consecutive weeks of smokefree youth-rated movies, Hollywood falls of the wagon

After 7 consecutive weeks of smokefree youth-rated movies, Hollywood falls of the wagon with Viacom’s Florence Foster Jenkins, which has more than 50 tobacco incidents.
It was good while it lasted.

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More evidence that e-cigs have rapid and substantial adverse effects on the cardiovascular system

Charalambos Vlachopoulos and colleagues just published “Electronic Cigarette Smoking Increases Aortic Stiffness and Blood Pressure in Young Smokers” in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which adds to the evidence that e-cigarettes have immediate and substantial adverse effects on the cardiovascular system.
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The evidence that e-cigs are expanding the cigarette market by recruiting kids just keeps piling up

Thomas Willis and colleagues just published “E-cigarette use is differentially related to smoking onset among lower risk adolescents” in Tobacco Control.  They followed 1136 youth forward in time for a year and found that e-cigarettes were attracting youth at low risk of smoking to initiate use with e-cigarettes and that kids who started with e-cigarettes were much more likely to be smoking cigarettes a year later than kids who did not start with e-cigarettes.
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Big Tobacco aims its guns to kill California tobacco tax

I just published this piece on The Conversation at (Visit that site to see the graphics.)
Big Tobacco aims its guns to kill California tobacco tax
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Bollywood just can’t stop promoting cigarettes

Despite the fact that the rules under India’s tobacco control law mandate that, “Promotional materials and posters of film and television programmes shall not depict any tobacco products or their usage in any form,” posters for the feature film Dishoom show popular actor John Abraham smoking a cigarette.
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India’s strong policy to protect the public from onscreen smoking is under attac

After a long battle, including lawsuits that went to the Supreme Court, the Government of India implemented strong policies to counter the effects of smoking and other tobacco use in movies.
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Ventura County well done report on problems with California marijuana legalization initiative It doesn't follow best practices

Ventura County just released a very well done report on severe problems with the proposed marijuana legalization initiative, The 2016 California Marijuana Initiative and Youth: Lessons from Alcohol Policy
Here is their press release; the report is here; I also deposited a copy in the UC eScholarhip library where it is freely available here.
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Philip Morris gets its ash kicked in Uruguay; where will it next blow smoke?

Eric Crosbie and I just published this on The Conversation:

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