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New UCSF study: E-Cigarettes are Expanding Tobacco Product Use Among Youth

Lauren Dutra and I just published “E-cigarettes and National Adolescent Cigarette Use: 2004–2014” in Pediatrics.  Here is the press release that UCSF issued on it:


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FDA issues its first product standard, to limit cancer-causing chemicals in chewing tobacco; copy posted here

The Hill just reported that the FDA has issued its first ever product standard, to limit the amount of tobacco-specific nitrosamine  N-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) to 1 microgram per gram of smokeless tobacco.  The FDA would also require an expiration date on smokeless tobacco (because this carcinogen builds up over time due to bacterial action in the tobacco).
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Indoor air pollution from e-cigs can be as bad as secondhand tobacco smoke in a smoky bar

Eric Soule and colleagues recently published an important paper documenting that people around e-cigarettes can be exposed to levels of particulate air pollution as high as has been measured in smoky bars.  Their paper “Electronic cigarette use and indoor air quality in a natural setting” published in Tobacco Control reporting the results of measuring the levels of air pollution at an “e-cigarette event” in a hotel meeting room where they measured the levels of fine particle air pollution during the event. Read more »

CalPERS, against staff advice, votes to completely divest tobacco stocks; sees industry in decline

In 2000, motivated in part by the sea of litigation facing the tobacco industry, the huge California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) voted to divest the tobacco stocks that it held directly.  Perhaps because they were so small, it did not instruct its outside investment advisors to divest their tobacco holdings.
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Hold the date: Annual UCSF "It's About a Billion Lives" tobacco control symposium on February 24, 2017

It’s About a Billion Lives
Celebrating Tobacco Research and Education at UCSF
Children and Tobacco 2017: Who’s Winning‎?
Jonathan Klein, MD, MPH, FAAP
Associate Executive Director and Director,
Richmond Center of Excellence, American Academy of Pediatrics
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New Smoke Free Movies partner ad: Hollywood's lost decade, measured in children

This ad ran on December 7, 2016 in Variety and Hollywood Reporter.  For more information on the ad, including sources, go to

Evidence that e-cigs have fast and substantial effects on arteries keeps piling up

Lukasz Antoniewicz and colleagues just published an experimental study in which they had healthy young volunteers take 10 puffs on an e-cigarette over 10 minutes.  There was an immediate increase in the amount of endothelial progenitor cells (EPS) that remained elevated for over 4 hours.  They had returned to baseline levels by 24 hours.
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Surgeon General releases first report on e-cigarettes; calls for more aggressive regulation and education

Here is the press release:
Surgeon General Reports Youth and Young Adult E-Cigarette Use Poses a Public Health Threat
Issues call to action to reduce e-cigarette use among young people
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UCSF public comment on FDA Listing of Ingredients in Tobacco Products – Revised Draft Guidance for Industry

We just submitted the following comment to the FDA.  The tracking number is 1k0-8tan-dl14.  (PDF version)
Listing of Ingredients in Tobacco Products –
Revised Draft Guidance for Industry
Docket Number FDA-2009-D-0524
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