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Marijuana associated with three-fold risk of death from hypertension

The evidence that marijuana imposes important cardiovascular disease risks continued to grow with the recent publication of “Effect of marijuana use on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular mortality: A study using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey linked mortality file” by Barbara A Yankey and colleagues in the European Journal of Preventive CardiologyIt found that marijuana use was associated with more than a tripling of risk of death from hypertension.
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Philip Morris’ claims about IQOS safety are attracting scrutiny

On August 11, 2017, the Washington Post ran a detailed story, “Big Tobacco’s new cigarette is sleek, smokeless — but is it any better for you?” that highlighted Philip Morris’ sensitivity to a paper published in JAMA Internal Medicine highlighting Read more »

More evidence that e-cigarettes have rapid negative effects on arteries

Interfering with normal functioning of arteries, both immediate effects on arteries’ ability to enlarge when the body needs more blood flow and longer term effects on arterial stiffness, are important mechanisms by which exposure to tobacco smoke causes heart disease and triggers heart attacks.
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E-cigarettes and cancer: If you ask the wrong question you get the wrong answer

A new paper, “Comparing the cancer potencies of emissions from vapourised nicotine products including e-cigarettes with those of tobacco smoke,” just published in Tobacco Control, adds to the already-convincing literature that e-cigarettes expose users to much lower levels of carcinogens than conventional cigarettes do.
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FDA’s “new” nicotine policy: A mixed picture that highlights the importance of local and state action to maintain progress

The FDA made big news last week (July 28, 2017) when it announced a “comprehensive nicotine strategy” last week that could include reducing the nicotine delivery from combusted cigarettes to below addictive levels.  If FDA actually implements such a policy in an effective way, that would be a big step forward.  (Whether or not such a policy would actually work in the real world was not clear until, over the last few years, the FDA has supported some Read more »

Tobacco Industry: New Face, Same Dirty Tricks: San Franciscans Too Smart to Fall for Big Tobacco’s Shameful Tactics

It is gratifying that the national organizations appreciate the importance of the San Francisco flavor ordinance, which because even more importtant last Friday in the face of the FDA abrogation on e-cigarettes.
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Emmy-nominated TV series showcase smoking

We've gotten anecdotal reports of more smoking in TV shows, but a shocker from Truth Initiative® reports that all but one of this year's drama or comedy series nominated for Emmy Award nominees feature smoking.
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Well-done study shows e-cig use associated with more quitting; needs to be considered in context of the whole literature

Shu-Hong Zhu and colleagues at UCSD just published “E-cigarette use and associated changes in population smoking cessation: evidence from US current population surveys,” a well-done sequential cross-sectional study in which they concluded that in 2014-2015 there was a substantial increase in quit attempts and successful quitting among people using e-cigarettes compared to previous years.
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Save the date; UCSF "It's About a Billion Lives" symposium will be Friday Feb 2, 2018

We have another great lineup this year.
Smokefree or Up in Smoke? Reinvigorated tobacco control policy in an era of legalized marijuana
Karen L. Smith, M.D., M.P.H.
Director & State Public Health Officer
California Department of Public Health
Using social media to help young adults quit smoking. 
Danielle Ramo, PhD, UCSF Associate Professor of Psychiatry
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RJR spending big money to overturn SF flavor/menthol ordinance

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids has been keeping an eye on the campaign expenditures for the “local concerned citizens” that are working to force a referendum on the menthol/flavor ban.  Here are the numbers as of July 15, 2017 (campaign filing on July 20):
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