Alaska takes the lead on educating the public about e-cigarettes

Kudos to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services for mounting the first media campaign (at least that I know of) designed to educate the public about the fact that e-cigarettes are not just "harmless water vapor."
You can see the ad here.
They are also featuring a link to information on e-cigarettes on the home page for the state quit line.
Their detaled fact sheet is here.
Educating people, including youth, that e-cigarettes are not just harmless watervapor is very important since thinking that they are safe is a major reason that nonsmoking kids start using them.
I can only hope that Governor Jerry Brown will let California, once a leader in tobacco control media, can catch up to Alaska. 
And every other state -- and the CDC -- and other countries should get permission from Alaska to just use the ad. 
It is simple and to the point.


More excellent ecig educational materials from Alaska

Four new resources:

  • A version of TV ad in my original posting with an alternative narrator voice (better for adults) [download here]
  • An ad focusing on the fact that Big Tobacco is selling e-cigs, too [on YouTube]
  • Two educational posters (poster 1; poster 2)

All the other states should be begging Alaska to use these excellent materials.
They are science-based and speak to  the most important misconception people -- especially young people -- have about e-cigs ... that they are "harmless water vapor."

e-cigs ad

Finally an ad that tells it like it is. Let's hope other public health agencies will get their heads out of the harm reduction cloud and see e-cigs for what they really are.