December 23, 2014

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Alaska takes the lead on educating the public about e-cigarettes

Kudos to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services for mounting the first media campaign (at least that I know of) designed to educate the public about the fact that e-cigarettes are not just "harmless water vapor."
You can see the ad here.
They are also featuring a link to information on e-cigarettes on the home page for the state quit line.
Their detaled fact sheet is here.
Educating people, including youth, that e-cigarettes are not just harmless watervapor is very important since thinking that they are safe is a major reason that nonsmoking kids start using them.
I can only hope that Governor Jerry Brown will let California, once a leader in tobacco control media, can catch up to Alaska. 
And every other state -- and the CDC -- and other countries should get permission from Alaska to just use the ad. 
It is simple and to the point.



Finally an ad that tells it like it is. Let's hope other public health agencies will get their heads out of the harm reduction cloud and see e-cigs for what they really are.


Four new resources:
<li;A version of TV ad in my original posting with an alternative narrator voice (better for adults) [/sites/g/files/tkssra4661/f/u9/411_ecig_Ad%201.mp4" target="_blank";download here]</li;
<li;An ad focusing on the fact that Big Tobacco is selling e-cigs, too [" target="_blank";on YouTube]</li;
<li;Two educational posters (/sites/g/files/tkssra4661/f/u9/0618_TPC_E-CigAd%20Nov%202014.pdf" target="_blank";poster 1; /sites/g/files/tkssra4661/f/u9/0654_TPC_CloudPoster_11X17Vertical%281%29.pdf" target="_blank";poster 2)</li;
All the other states should be begging Alaska to use these excellent materials.
They are science-based and speak to&nbsp; the most important misconception people -- young people -- have about e-cigs ... that they are "harmless water vapor."

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