December 22, 2014

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Democratic Leaders call on state attorneys general to classify e-cigarettes under the Master Settlement Agreement

Congressmen Henry Waxman and Frank Pallone and Senator Dick Durbin have written a letter to all the state attorneys general to use the MSA to reign in out-of-control e-cigarette advertising.  Their statement and copies of all the letters are here.
They also (again) call for FDA action, but, as I have noted before, it will be years before anything meaningful materializes from the FDA.  There is a lot that the states AGs can do.  Here in California, for example, Attorney General Kamila Harris could enforce the consent agreement NJOY signed promising not to introduce flavors.  There is also a lot of deceptive marketing going on all over the country.



Wow! I found your blog and the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education through the quisling, Micheal Siegel's, big tobacco blog. He wrote a fallacy ridden response to your approbation of the Senators' letters to the Attorneys General. I wrote a comment, if you care to look title=" here it is. I'm Odysseus. I won't be hard to spot: just look for the comment surrounded by ravenous, choking, hacking chihuahua lapdogs trying to appear intelligent and reasonable. I beleive that you have had some experience with these fawning, intellectual mini-hounds nipping at your ankles, sputtering their affronts and logical fallacies. They are really not worth the effort, but I do so delight in kicking one every once in a while. At any rate, I am very happy that I found your blog and the Center's Website for a breath of fresh reason on this volatile issue.

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