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2012 "It's About a Billion Lives" symposium available as a podcast

Our first effort to webcast the symposium garnered a lot of positive feedback.  We have turned it into a podcast, which you can watch it by clicking here.

The podcast has an index showing the presentation slides, so you can skip to specific talks if you don't want to watch the whole thing.


Five US senators call on FDA to do its job and actually regulate the tobacco industry

Five US Senators -- Frank Lautenberg, Dick Durbin, Tom Harkin, Sherrod Brown, and Richard Blumenthal -- have written a letter to the FDA Commissioner urging the FDA to get the lead out and start effectively protecting consumers. Read more »

All 10 UC campuses to be smoke (really tobacco) free in two years

UC President Mark Yudof has written the chancellors of all 10 UC campuses instructing them to develop and implement smokefree policies by 2014.  (UCSF is already smokefree, including e-cigarettes). Read more »

The Golden Holocaust, is well worth reading

The University of California Press just published Robert Proctor's new history of the tobacco industry, The Golden Holocaust.  It is the first history to draw heavily on the tobacco industry documents and provides many new insights.

I (and several of our fellows and staff) had an opportunity to review and critique an advanced draft of the book and met with Robert several times to offer feedback.  We all found the book a great read.  There was lots in it that I did not know. Read more »

Attorneys General, health groups file amicus briefs supporting FDA graphic warning labels

The FDA has appealed the DC district court ruling that the new graphic warning labels required by the FDA we violations of the First Amendment on the grounds that they were compelled speech. Read more »

Subsidizing smoking movies is not a good way to create jobs

Jobs is the argument for subsidizing smoking movies in California. As part of another research project, I obtained some statistics on job creation by spending on various industries in California from the US Department of Commerce (known as RIIMS II multipliers). Here are the number of jobs created by $100 million:

Elementary and secondary schools              2609
Museums, historical sites, zoos and parks    2387 Read more »

European Movie Rating Practices Result in Higher Exposure of Youth to Onscreen Smoking than in USA

Reiner Hanewinkel and colleagues recently published a comparison of the presence of smoking in youth-rated films in Europe with the ratings of the same films in the USA.  Because the European film rating authorities are more tolerant of adult language (t Read more »

How the tobacco industry shaped (and continues to shape) the way scientists (and everyone else) thinks about scientific evidence

Allan Brandt has a wonderful paper in the January 2012 issue of American Journal of Public Health, "Inventing Conflicts of Interest: A History of Tobacco Industry Tactics," that pulls all the pieces together to show how, over the years and with great care, tobacco industry PR experts have shaped the way that scientists, to say nothing of policy makers, the public and the media, think about science and what it takes to "prove" something in scie Read more »

Nordic tobacco companies claimed they were not part of Big Tobacco's global conspiracy; documents show they were

Heikki Hiilamo and I just published a paper in Tobacco Control that uses the previously secret tobacco industry documents available in the UCSF Legacy Tobacco Documents Library to investigate the linkages between Read more »

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