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Huge new study confirms effects of smoking in movies on youth in 6 EU countries

A new paper, just published in Thorax, entitled "Smokng in movies and adolescent smoking: Cross cultural study in six European countries, is the largest such study to date, involving over 16,000 teens from Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Poland and Scotland, found that youth who were highly exposed to onscreen smoking were about twice as likely to smoke as lightly exposed youth.  This paper is particularly important because the social environment and background prevalence varies widely across these countri Read more »


Simon Chapman and Matthew Farrelly published an essay in PLoS Medicine that appeared in the same issue as our paper repeating Simon’s well-worn arguments.  Their essay is here. Read more »

New paper: Government Inaction on Ratings and Government Subsidies to the US Film Industry Help Promote Youth Smoking

Government Inaction on Ratings and Government Subsidies to the US Film Industry Help Promote Youth Smoking

Tobacco Control publishes supplement on what the industry documents have to say about menthol

All these papers are open access and may be downloaded for free.

 Menthol: putting the pieces together Youn Ok Lee, Stanton A Glantz Tob Control 2011;20 ii1-ii7 Open Access

 Tobacco documents research methodology Stacey J Anderson, Phyra M McCandless, Kim Klausner, Rachel Taketa, Valerie B Yerger Tob Control 2011;20 ii8-ii11 Open Access
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Raising the minimum age for purchasing cigarettes from 16 to 18 in England associated with lower youth smoking

I have been a skeptic about the value of minimum purchase laws as strategy for reducing youth smoking, but a study we just published from England showed that increasing the minimum purchase age from 16 to 18 was associated with a drop in smoking among 11-15 year olds, even after taking into account the existing downward trend.  The effects were similar across socio-economic groups. Read more »

More evidence on why the FDA must ban menthol and an additive and not just menthol "cigarettes"

Pascal Diethelm recently circulated a great example of how BAT is pushing menthol to young people in Switzerland using "flavor capsule" technology.  Halfway through puffing on a Kent cigarette, the smoker can break with his/her teeth a capsule of menthol located in the filter and the cigarette will deliver the menthol flavor.  It would only be a small step from this to suggest using a menthol snus or orb with your cigs if menthol was banned from the cigs per se.
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TPSAC gave the FDA what it needs to ban menthol

The FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee released its long-awaited menthol report yesterday, March 19, 2011.  The overall conclusions and recommendations in the report are on page 208 of the PDF.  There are two major scientific findings, repeated below (broken out into individual statements, but direct quotes, and one recommendation: "Removal of menthol cigarettes from the marketplace would benefit public health in the United States." Read more »

Philip Morris still ignoring their own research showing that dual use of smokeless and cigs no safer than cigs alone

Ever since Philip Morris (and other multinational tobacco companies) have gone into the smokeless business, particularly with snus co-branded with cigarettes they have been trying to make claims that promoting smokeless is a good harm reduction strategy.  They have even petitioned the FDA to allow them to make explicit health claims in their marketing.   Read more »

New PG rated cartoon Rango sets a record for smoking

The youth-rated (PG) film Rango is the smokiest in years, a fact that is attracting a lot of attention.

Here is a chronology of recent events:

• January 19, 2011 | the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announced it had rated a forthcoming Paramount animated feature film, Rango, "PG for rude humor, language, action and smoking."  Read more »

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