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NIDA advisory board raises issues of tobacco industry funding: Thank and support them

  The National Institute for Drug Abuse's National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse (NACDA) has made a very important recommendation to NIDA on the issue of tobacco industry funding for research.  After summarizing the tobacco industry's long history of funding research as part of its ongoing effort "to deceive the
American public about the health effects of smoking and environmental tobacco smoke, the addictiveness of nicotine, the lack of health benefits from low tar
and "light" cigarettes, and their manipulating the design and composition of cigarettes in order to create and sustain nicotine addiction," NACDA suggested that NIDA take care to "ensure that the design, conduct, and reporting of research results is not compromised or does not appear to be compromised by an Investigator's or Institution's relationship with the tobacco industry."  

EU scholars, advocates recommend that EU end subsides to films with smoking

On 29 September 2011, more than a dozen prominent European tobacco control scholars, citing evidence that movies with smoking harm European young people, made a formal submission to a European Commission's consultation on State aid to audiovisual works (HT2950) that recommended that future media projects with smoking should be ineligible for public subsi

New paper demonstrates that tobacco control is necessary to control tuberculosis around the world

The tobacco industry has spent decades working to convince developing countries as well as funding agencies that they should not "waste" their time on tobacco control, but rather focus on infectious diseases like tuberculosis at the same time that the multinational tobacco companies were expanding aggressively in those very countries.

We just published a paper that modernizes mathematical models of the global TB epidemic to include the effects of smoking and passive smoking. Read more »

New study shows that movies with smoking make less money

Jonathan Polansky and I just published a paper in the peer reviewed journal Tobacco Control that analyzed how much money 1232 moves released in the USA between 2002 and 2010 made. Read more »

WHO issues updated report on smoking in movies

The WHO has issued an updated version of its report, "Smoke-free Movies: From Evidence to Action."  This report updates the science (and had the benefit of advance copies of the recent research from Europe as well as knowledge of Simon Chapman's position), reviews the state of policy making around the world, and directlt  addresses the new issue of government subsidies to films with smoking.  Read more »

New paper in Lancet: Effective tobacco control is key to rapid progress in reducing NCDs

Hard evidence shows that implementing policies to cut tobacco use immediately improves health and reduces health care spending, say authors in this week's issue of The Lancet. The researchers' myth-busting Viewpoint argues that tobacco control does not, as is often assumed, take decades to show a benefit, nor does the economic benefit from tobacco revenue outweigh the healthcare savings. Read more »

10 things Christopher Dodd needs to know about the MPAA

Smoke Free Movies ran this ad in Variety today to help educate the new MPAA president, former US Senator Christopher Dodd, about whether he can trust what he haers from his staff on the MPAA's record on smoking in movies.  The full ad is at Read more »

Submission to FDA docket on Scientific Evaluation of Modified Risk Tobacco Product Applications

In considering any applications for modified risk tobacco products, the FDA should give serious consideration to the fact that the major tobacco companies are currently subject to an on-going federal court orderunder the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act for creating an illegal racketeering enterprise for the purpose of defrauding the public. The court also found that the pattern of past activities that led to this decision is continuing and likely to continue in the future. Read more »

Save the date: 2012 UCSF "It's About a Billion Lives" Symposium will be February 3, 2012

We now have the date for the Tobacco Center's "It's About a Billion Lives" symposium.  It will be from 8:30 to 12:30 in UCSF's Cole Hall on Friday Feb 3.  The keynote speaker will be Ursula Bauer, the Director of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and Sam Hawgood will do the wrap up.  

Huge new study confirms effects of smoking in movies on youth in 6 EU countries

A new paper, just published in Thorax, entitled "Smokng in movies and adolescent smoking: Cross cultural study in six European countries, is the largest such study to date, involving over 16,000 teens from Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Poland and Scotland, found that youth who were highly exposed to onscreen smoking were about twice as likely to smoke as lightly exposed youth.  This paper is particularly important because the social environment and background prevalence varies widely across these countri Read more »

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