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SmokeFreeMovies ad highlights taxpayer subsidies of movies that promote smoking

 At a time that states are facing unprecedented deficits and making large cuts to education and other programming, they continue to spend billions of dollars subsidizing movies that promote smoking.  We ran an advertisement in the January issue of State Legislatures magazine making this point.

Arizona tobacco control program cut healthcare costs

Jim Lightwood and I just published a new paper in Social Science and Medicine showing that, like the California program, the Arizona progr Read more »

Smokefree Movies ad: California taxpayers subsidize Burlesque to promote smoking

On January 1, California will start handing out tax credits for Hollywood film productions. Burlesque will be one of the first in line, set to receive $7,225,306 according to the state’s film commission. The problem from a public health standpoint? Burlesque is a PG-13 film with smoking by two major characters (Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell). Read more »

Taxpayer subsidies for movies that promote smoking

We have been raising the point that the states, in the aggregate, now spend more money promoting smoking to adolescents by subsidizing movies with smoking in them than they spend on their state tobacco control programs fighting smoking. Read more »

Direct Evidence that Smokefree Laws Immediately Save Millions in Health Costs

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health recently demonstrated that implementation of the Arizona statewide smokefree indoor air law was associated with drops in hospital admissions for not only heart attacks (which has been shown in many places already), but also for angina (chest pain), stroke, asthma.  They showed that there were drops in Arizona counties that had no smoking restrictions before the state law went into effect, but not ones that were already smokefree.  They also showed no changes in hospital admissions for diseases not cause by secondhand Read more »

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