The Center has an active research training program for postdoctoral fellows. Click here for information on the program and to view/complete the application. This page lists current fellows and describes their work. Click on any fellow's name to view their complete profile and contact information.

  • Johannes Thrul earned his PhD in Psychology in 2013 from Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. In his dissertation research, conducted at the Institute for Therapy Research (IFT), Munich, he focused on behavioral smoking cessation interventions for adolescents studying issues of participant recruitment and intervention effectiveness. At IFT, he co-developed and conducted a study using smartphones and an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) paradigm to investigate smoking patterns of young adult smokers over the course of several months.

  • Yvette did a PhD in public health ethics at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics, National University of Singapore and a BSc in Biochemistry (Pharmacology) at the University of Surrey, UK. As part of her studies, she was also based at the University of Turku (Finland), Hastings Center (New York), University of Tübingen (Germany), Brocher Foundation (Switzerland), and WHO Regional Office for Europe (Denmark). After her PhD she worked as a Public Health Analyst at Newcastle City Council, UK, and as a freelance consultant for the WHO Regional Office for Europe's tobacco control programme.

  • Manali Vora, DDS earned her DDS in Dental Surgery from Gujarat University, India in 2014, recently received her MPH in Epidemiology at University of Washington, Seattle. She was sensitized to the tobacco epidemic during her training as a dentist and has since then been passionate about tobacco dependence prevention and treatment research.

  • Priyanka Vyas, PhD started her career as a journalist in New Delhi, after completing her BA in political science from Wilson College, Mumbai.  During her stint as a reporter covering trade and policy issues, she became interested in how policies could be better analyzed and implemented.  This single most desire to influence policy decisions led her to move to the US for further education.

  • Julie Wang received a PhD from the Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health at UC San Diego and San Diego State University with a focus in Health Behavior and an MPH in Global Health at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Her research interests include behavioral interventions in smoking cessation, physical activity, and dietary behavior; theory-based intervention strategies for health behavior change including self-regulatory techniques; objective measures of health behavior; and technology-based intervention modalities including mHealth and other digital health applications. 

  • Shannon Lea Watkins received a PhD in Public Affairs from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University (2015) and a BPhil in Political Science and History from the University of Pittsburgh (2009). Her dissertation focused on urban forests as a linked human-environment system and examined the environmental, social, and distributional effect of urban non-profit tree-planting programs.