Priyanka Vyas, PhD

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Priyanka Vyas, PhD started her career as a journalist in New Delhi, after completing her BA in political science from Wilson College, Mumbai.  During her stint as a reporter covering trade and policy issues, she became interested in how policies could be better analyzed and implemented.  This single most desire to influence policy decisions led her to move to the US for further education. She earned her Master’s in public management and policy from North Carolina State University and moved to the University of Texas, Dallas, to pursue her doctorate in public policy and political economy.  During her doctoral studies, her research has focused on maternal and child health outcomes in the context of low and middle income countries and applying geospatial techniques to target health intervention.
Her research has been featured in local media and newspapers such as the Daily Sun and The Business Line newspaper. She was also featured twice on the UT Dallas News Center for her publication in the field of occupational health and on the use of spatial approach towards improving health policy in developing countries.

While a novice researcher in the field of tobacco, Priyanka is excited to be a part of CTCRE.  During her fellowship she is eagerly looking forward to applying her training to better understand the geography of tobacco sales, consumption, and heterogeneity in policy implementation and outcomes.