The Center faculty come from all four UCSF schools and conduct research and teaching in every aspect of tobacco control, from efforts by the tobacco industry to manipulate international politics to the molecular biology of nicotine addiction.


Nicholas Butowski, MD

Neurological Surgery

We studied whether synthetic CBD (from Insys) could control brain tumors in a mouse model; results were unclear and Insys was not able to provide further support for more studies.  At present, we also are studying how our patient population uses CBD and THC and why and whether it may impact survival. This project is  entitled Impact of Cannabis and Synthetic Cannabinoid Use on Quality of Life in Patients with Central Nervous System Tumors (ICANCNS-QOL)

Amy Byers, PhD, MPH

Professor In Residence

Dr. Byers is Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences with a joint appointment in the Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics. She is an epidemiologist with a background in aging research, methods, and biostatistics. Her research focuses on the epidemiology of late-life mental health and employs advanced epidemiological and biostatistical techniques to determine the incidence, prevalence, risk factors, and outcomes of late-life mental health disorders with the objective of reducing the burden of these disorders by informing long-term clinical care. Dr.

Carolyn Calfee, MD


Research focuses on the effects of active and passive smoking on susceptibility to acute lung injury, a major cause of respiratory failure in critically ill patients. In addition, she is interested in the use of biomarkers to measure cigarette smoke exposure.

Timothy Carmody, PhD


Dr. Carmody's work focuses on the treatment of nicotine dependence in adult chronic smokers. Dr. Carmody has several professional interests in the field of behavioral medicine, including treatment of nicotine dependence, chronic pain, behavioral factors in coronary heart disease, and obesity/weight management.  His primary interest is in the treatment of nicotine dependence in adult chronic smokers. 

Benjamin Chaffee, DDS, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor
Preventive & Restor Dent Sci

The overarching goal of our team’s epidemiologic research program is to understand how various behaviors, biological attributes, and social circumstances influence health and disease distributions, often inequitably, across populations. Application of such knowledge aims to inform future public health practices, health policies, and clinical guidelines that elevate the health of patients and vulnerable communities.

Iona Cheng, PhD, MPH

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Iona Cheng, PhD, MPH is a Professor in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco and co-Investigator of the NCI SEER Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry. Her research is centered on examining the role of biological, lifestyle, environmental, and neighborhood factors in relation to cancer risk with an emphasis on understanding racial/ethnic differences in risk.

Jing Cheng, MD, MS, PhD

Preventive & Restor Dent Sci

Dr. Cheng is Professor of Biostatistics within the UCSF Division of Oral Epidemiology & Dental Public Health and Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and a faculty member in the UCSF Center to Address Disparities in Oral Health (CAN DO), Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (TCORS), Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Clinical & Transnational Science Institute (CTSI). Dr. Cheng is a well-known biostatistician and 2019 Chair-Elected of the American Statistical Association Section on Statistics in Epidemiology. Dr.

Beth Cohen, MD, MA


Dr. Cohen is an internist and clinical investigator whose research focuses on health outcomes in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder. She is Principal Investigator of the Mind Your Heart Study, a prospective cohort study designed to examine the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder on cardiovascular health.

Robin Corelli, PharmD

Vice Dean & Professor
Clinical Pharmacy

Primary interest in tobacco cessation education and training. Dr. Corelli has co-coordinated, with other Tobacco Center members (Drs. Hudmon and Kroon), a comprehensive tobacco cessation training program, Rx for Change: Clinician-Assisted Tobacco Cessation, for students in the health professions.

James Croker, PhD

Access Extension

J. Alton Croker III, PhD, received his doctorate in Health Services & Policy focusing on cannabis policy, health outcomes, and health disparities. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2021, where he served as a research investigator for the Cannabis and End-of-Life Study, along with research associate roles within the RUPRI Center. He previously worked in public affairs at GLAD (GLBTQ Advocates & Defenders), an impact litigation firm focusing on social equity for LGBTQ persons, people living with HIV/AIDS, and their families.

Eric Crosbie, PhD

Access Extension

Eric Crosbie recently received his PhD in Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC).

Kevin Delucchi, PhD


Dr. Delucchi is a quantitative expert specializing in psycho-social research. Dr. Delucchi's work focuses on statistical methods for analysis of quantitative data including clinical trials of treatments for smoking cessation. He has collaborated with numerous investigators on nicotine-related research and is a member of an NIH Study Section.